Garage Door Installation and Repair

Is your garage door outdated and in shambles?

If you are looking for an update or a repair for your current garage door, we can help you.

With our wide selection of materials, styles, colors, and operation abilities, we can give you the garage door that you need. Our trained professionals will be able to provide the finest service around the Los Angeles area, giving you a door that will last through the years.

We know the needs of homeowners and only supply the very best service for Garage Door Installation and Repair.


While your original garage door may have been state-of-the-art when it was originally installed, as time and technology has changed, so have the style, material, and functions of garage doors. And, sometimes doors have not stood the test of time and are not providing the best security you may need.

How can you tell if you need a new door?

Here are some reasons to replace your existing garage door:

  • Peeling and cracked paint: Wooden doors especially need to be refinished once in a while in order to protect them from the elements. The harsh rays of the sun can warp doors as well as cause them to discolor and fade. If this hasn’t happened, your wood may be warped or rotten.
  • Bent or sagging edges: If your garage door is sagging or you see gaps when it is closed, your door should be replaced.
  • The door is hard to open and close: Garage doors have many moving parts and as they are opened and closed frequently, you need to make sure all of the parts are working adequately.
  • Outdated: The style of your door is outdated or you do not have the most up-to-date technology in your door system.

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Many homeowners have already discovered that no matter how well you maintain your garage door, they experience environmental damage and wear out with use. The pieces that make your garage open and close will naturally worsen and make it harder to use the garage. And, if you have ever had your garage door opener fail, you will know how much you depend on your garage to function properly.

But we are here to help. With our garage door repair services, we will bring your garage back to operating status just as it should, as well as looking as good as it used to. It is important to repair that garage door as reparation can be complicated. Therefore, it really should only be attempted by a professional. As garage doors have a careful balance, as well as electric function, torsion bars, and springs, an inexperienced person could have a severe or fatal accident if any of the systems fail during a repair.

Repairs we offer include:

  • Door repair: For wooden, aluminum, or glass doors, our trained professionals are up to the task.
  • Spring repair: Garage doors contain springs to help them open and close. If they break, the door will be very hard to open.
  • Opener repair: If your garage door opener is malfunctioning, we can help sort out the issue and get it fixed.