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Installation of a garage door may boost the value, security, energy efficiency, and curb appeal of your residential or commercial property. However, it is essential that you choose the appropriate door and have it installed perfectly so that you can reap these benefits.

Providing garage door installation services in Los Angeles, Speedy Garage Door and Gate is the number one choice. As a leading provider of commercial and residential garage door installation services, we have the expertise to fulfill and go beyond your expectations.

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We offer garage door installation services that are designed to meet your needs

Our garage door installation company makes sure to identify the needs of our clients before installing a garage door. To ensure the garage door we deliver fits your property, we assess your property and ask you questions.
Installation begins immediately after selecting a door. Every installation is completed quickly and efficiently, and we leave no mess on the floor. The high-quality garage door you'll receive will include the following attributes and benefits:

Materials of high quality:

Our garage doors are durable and efficient, whether you choose wooden, steel, or aluminum.


Depending on the customer's aesthetic preferences, we offer doors in many different designs and colors.

Safety and Security

In addition to smart garage doors, we can also provide garage doors with traditional locks based on your preference.

Efficient Energy Use

With our doors, you won't have to worry about your heating or cooling seeping outside.


We install garage doors only from manufacturers with excellent warranty terms.

What to Look for When Choosing a Garage Door

There are several factors to consider before installing a brand-new or replacement garage door, including:

1Door Construction and Style
When you have a large entryway in your garage, you need a sturdy garage door. Furthermore, you can choose between doors with or without windows. In order to choose the most suitable door for your building, you need to find one that performs best in terms of security while adding to its aesthetics.
2Automatic / Manual Garage Door
Choose Between an Automatic or Manual Garage Door. If you want to enter and exit your property with ease, you should use an automatic garage door. It is mandatory, however, to be able to manually open the door in case of an electrical failure.
3Garage Door Opener
Automated garage doors require garage door openers. In terms of durability and noise, chain-driven openers are the most economical and are somewhat noisy. A reliable belt-driven opener, on the other hand, is less noisy and rarely needs to be repaired. Consider checking your garage door cables monthly instead of waiting for them to snap. Contact us if you notice a worn cable before it snaps and harms you or damages your home.
4Installing Costs
In terms of ease of installation and cost, tilt-up and roll-up doors are the most cost-effective options. Most of our customers choose roll-up doors for their security and minimal overhead space requirements.
5The Insulation
Consider an R-value of at least 30 if you are installing a brand-new or replacement garage door. As a result of the insulation on these doors, indoor energy efficiency is improved by reducing the amount of energy wasted on heating and cooling.


We can help you choose the most suitable option based on your budget and expectations.

Garage Door Installation:
Your Options

Material plays a major role in determining a garage door's quality, resilience, and effectiveness.

Here are some options for replacing or installing a garage door.

1Garage Doors Made Of Steel:
Although stylish, they require a significant amount of maintenance and are costly.
2Garage Doors Made From Wood:
Although stylish, they require a significant amount of maintenance and are costly.
3Garage Doors Made Of Wood Composite:
Their appearance is similar to wood garage doors, but they are less expensive, less difficult to maintain, and have a longer lifespan.
4Door Frames Made Of Aluminum:
Their low maintenance and resistance to corrosion make them a practical choice. It is pertinent to note, however, that they have a low R-value and aren't as durable as steel doors.

Regardless of the size of the project, we can handle it

All types of garage door installations are handled by our fully licensed technicians at Speedy Garage Door and Gate. Would you like to replace your existing garage door or install a brand-new one? Our team is here to help.

In addition to door installations, we also offer a variety of garage door services. If you need same-day garage door repair or maintenance, we can help you. In addition to repairing and servicing doors of various brands, we provide long-term solutions.

What makes us different?

As an industry leader with competitive prices, our Speedy Garage Door and Gate team has earned a reputation for providing high-quality garage door solutions. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with every garage door we install.


Our garage door installation services are also recommended for the following reasons:

Tools tailored to specific needs
Installations are completed efficiently on the first attempt thanks to our equipment and expertise.
Professionals with a positive attitude
With respect for our customers and their properties, we take proper care of them.
Schedules that work for you
Whenever you have an issue with your garage door, we are available to take care of it promptly. Getting started is as easy as discussing your needs with us.
A five-star rating
We have earned several glowing customer reviews thanks to our commitment to customer satisfaction.
Advice you can trust
As your trusted advisor, we are always dedicated to finding you the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.